Just setting calorie goals for each day can lead to non-compliance and giving up.


Big statement! After all, we go on all the time about knowing your calories and being in a deficit.

But it is never as simple as saying "just have 2000 kcals per day". Life is never that straight forward.

If you really look at peoples normal eating patterns, some days we are below calories, and some days we are over calories.

This should not, and must not, be demonised. That is why my team and I look at weeks at a time, rather than just taking a snapshot of one day.

Needing to hit exactly the same calories each day, makes life very difficult.

What if you are busy or feel under the weather?

What if you skip a meal one day, and then have a larger meal in a social situation the next?

Having the ability to be flexible with your calories and not lose your ****, is a really good skill to master.

So relax a bit.

Learn that missing a target one day will not ruin your journey. It may, in fact, keep you on it for longer.

If you want to know what it’s like to be in a team of people who are in control of their meals, just get in touch.

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