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Happiness is your state of mind


Until relatively recently (probably just a few years ago now), I used to be very negative. Situations would quickly snowball into a huge amount of negative feelings and anxiety.

I always thought that if I just earn this amount, I would be happy. If these things would happen, I would be happy. When I buy that car, I will be happy.

It wasn’t until one of my mentors talked to me about this that I realised that I am the only one responsible for my happiness.

Not material things. Not when a certain situation happens. But when I decide to allow myself to be happy.

This is a skill, and it only comes with practice.

Most of us are highly skilled at feeling negative. We are great at working ourselves up into feelings of anxiety, and we do it without even really realising we are doing it. To practice being happy, thinking happy thoughts, and finding gratitude in all situations, is hard. It's hard because we have never really been taught how to do it.

We are exceptionally good at knowing how we don’t want to feel, but not so good at actually understanding how we do want to feel.

We work on these skills within my programmes through journaling and gratitude logs we set new rules that help us to feel happy, which leads to better family time, more productivity and better training.

Why not try my online coaching programme and see what you can achieve.


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