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Don't worry about the little things until you have mastered the big things.


When we talk about the little things in your fitness and nutrition journey, we are talking about things like:

Should you have sweet potato or white potato? Should you be changing white rice to brown rice or white bread to seeded granary bread?

The reality is that unless you have the big blocks in place these things will make such a small difference to you.

By big blocks we mean:

Are you tracking your steps?

Are you recording your food intake?

Are you completing your morning and evening rituals?

By making sure that each and everyday you are completing these tasks you massively increase your chances of succeeding.

Counting steps may seem trivial but it is a good indicator of how active you are being in general. If your steps are dropping and your weight loss is stalling we can alter other variables to counter-balance this.

In terms of recording food intake, if you honestly can’t tell us how much food you are consuming, how can we work out your calories or know if you are in a deficit?

Your morning and evening rituals will help to keep you on track, control your stress levels and provide you with the daily wins you need to keep your forward momentum going.

For some of our clients, we even get to track whether or not they have made their bed in the morning. It may seem a little thing but it provides an early win and something to move forward from. We look to get you your first win as early as possible in the day to give you the feeling of success from the outset.

This is another reason why we suggest no social media for the first hour. You are in full control of what you see. By logging on to social media first thing in the morning and seeing people you feel look better or are more successful than you has a negative effect on your frame of mind and sets you up with the wrong mental state to take on the rest of the day. Do yourself a favour and DON’T do it.

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