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Don't let preconceptions ruin your dreams.


Don’t let other people's (or even worse, your own) preconceptions ruin your dreams.

In the past, how many times have you had people say to you, 'You’ll never manage to do that'?

I often heard that when I left a comfortable job to run my own facility.

Some people don’t want you to succeed because they are jealous of you even trying.

What is more heartbreaking is when I hear people on calls saying that they 'just can’t lose weight' or 'can't do exercise'.

Everyone can do these things. They only lack belief. Belief in themselves and their own abilities. But they only need 3 things:

  1. A plan

  2. A few early wins, to keep them motivated

  3. Someone in their corner, keeping them accountable

So don’t allow other people’s negativity to ruin your goals. Don’t build a false outcome in your head that becomes your reality.

Building a really strong mindset from day 1 is something that we really focus on in our coaching programmes.

If you want to build a rock-solid mindset and physique, just book your strategy call and let's chat.


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