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Does avoiding discomfort really work?


I totally get it by the way...the thought of:

  • Exercising 2-3 times per week

  • Looking at the food you consume

  • Journaling

  • Spending time focusing upon yourself

All of these things, and more, will make you feel uncomfortable. It's something new to you and something that will require work.

But look; the alternative is staying where you are and making no changes at all.

The issue with that choice is that that it brings its own discomfort:

  • Feeling like you don’t look good in your clothes

  • Feeling like you embarrass your kids when you pick them up after school

  • Not going for the job interview

You have the choice of which discomfort you are willing to put up with. Personally, I prefer the discomfort of change - of improvement over the discomfort of no change.

My advice is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because whichever choice you make, you can guarantee some level of discomfort. The benefits you see of that discomfort is down to you.

If you need help getting things handled, let’s chat.

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