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Consistency = Success


As you know, I like to make things simple, so I don’t see why your weight loss journey should be any different.

There are far too many things about when you start on your journey. We look at your training, your nutrition, your sleep, and your stress and digestion.

So here is how you can make things so much simpler.

List out each of the above areas of your journey:






Write three things in each section that you feel is holding you back from achieving your goals. These can be anything: not eating enough vegetables, not drinking enough water, not dealing with stress, not sleeping enough or I eat my food too quickly.

Pick one thing from each section - one thing that will have the biggest impact and focus on them for the next 14 days. Don’t even worry about the other things, be consistent with those three things and when you start to notice the difference or you have mastered them, pick another item from each list.

It sounds simple, and it is; consistency will give you results.

“Be consistently good rather than occasionally great”.

I love this saying, and it is so true. It is almost impossible to be consistent when you’re trying to change lots of different things. I’m not really in the business of taking you guys through a 4-week transformation that leads to results, but with no sustainability. I don’t want to see you back in the same rut in another 4 weeks after reaching your results.

This is a journey, but it is one that needs you to make changes - you can’t keep doing the same things that you have always done, and expect different results. You will need to change habits and that is uncomfortable and not nice.

So make it easier and simpler on yourself, and focus on just a few habits at a time.

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