A week is just a unit of time - it's just 7 days

Whether you have a good week or a bad week is totally dependant on what you allow yourself to focus on.

As you know, I am a big advocate of planning my days. I like to plan each hour out to make sure that I am as productive as possible.

That includes all my workouts, and work time.

I look at what the trends are that successful people do, and planning is always there.

With workouts and work time in the diary, it makes it like a business deal. You wouldn’t just cancel a meeting that you had booked in. The same principle applies to your workouts.

But, I also make sure that I book in some "me time". To do the things that I want to do - leisure time, if you will.

That could be; watching some tv, going to the beach for some fresh air, taking the kids out for a treat, or going out for a meal (when we can!).

Booking time out to do things that you really want to do each week, is vital to get a good work/life balance.

What are you going to book-in this week as a "you time" activity?

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