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A quick guide to portion control.


Here is a really cool tool for those of you that want another alternative to myfitnesspal.

This is derived from the hand portion control from Precision Nutrition and is an easy tracking method to make sure that you are getting the right amount of each macronutrient, without having to track everything you eat.

It is very simple to use and can be printed out and pinned up in your kitchen, ready to fill in as you plate-up your meals.

The idea is that you measure out your foods dependant on different parts of your hands as, hopefully, you will always have these with you when you eat!

It does have slightly different values from men to women, and I can help you to set these up so that it is more individualised, but the main rules are;


  • Men - 2x palm-size portions per meal.

  • Women - 1x plan size portion per meal.


  • Men - 2x thumb-size portions per meal.

  • Females - 1x thumb-size portion per meal.


  • Men - 2x cupped hands sized portion per meal.

  • Females - 1x cupped sized portion per meal.


  • Men and women - 2-3 fist-sized portions per meal.

Once you have filled the top boxes in, you can then use the tick boxes to mark off each portion size that you have had that day to keep you accountable.

Remember, nothing is perfect to begin with, so don’t panic if you don’t hit the suggested amounts straight away.

Try to beat your results day after day until you are where you need to be.

Daily Portion Tracker PDF
Download PDF • 359KB

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